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Pirate Mike's - Orzo - 12 oz. (034 kg.)

Pirate Mike's - Orzo - 12 oz. (034 kg.)

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Orzo is a type of pasta that resembles large grains of rice or barley. It is commonly used in various Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines. Despite its appearance, orzo is made from semolina flour, just like traditional pasta, giving it a tender texture when cooked.

Due to its small size and versatility, orzo is often used in soups, salads, and pilafs. It can also be served as a side dish or as a main course with various sauces and toppings. Its ability to absorb flavors makes it a popular choice in recipes that call for a pasta with a rice-like texture.

Cooking orzo is simple and typically involves boiling it in salted water until it reaches an al dente consistency. Once cooked, it can be combined with vegetables, meats, cheeses, herbs, and spices to create a delicious and satisfying meal. Orzo is a delightful addition to any kitchen, offering a unique twist on traditional pasta dishes.


Ingredients: Semolina (Wheat), Durum Wheat Flour.

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Pirate Mike's - Orzo - 12 oz. (034 kg.)
Pirate Mike's - Orzo - 12 oz. (034 kg.)PMGROR1
Pirate Mike's - Orzo - 12 oz. (034 kg.)PMGROR1
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