Gramma’s Chicken Seasoning


Gramma’s chicken seasoning is a perfect blend of spices for baked, fried, or grilled chicken. It is a savory blend of spices that has hints of citrus and peppers.

Try it now and see why this recipe has been passed down for generations.

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Gramma’s chicken seasoning is a special blend of herbs and spices used to season chicken dishes. Passed down through generations, it is a family recipe that brings a unique and nostalgic flavor to chicken recipes. Gramma’s chicken seasoning is designed to enhance the natural taste of chicken, creating a delicious and comforting dish with a touch of home-cooked goodness. It adds depth and complexity to the flavor of chicken whether it’s roasted, grilled, or cooked in various recipes.

Ingredients: garlic, onion, sea salt (halal & kosher), orange peel, citric acid, red & green pepper, black pepper, other natural spices. Gluten free, no msg.

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