We Love To
Hear From You!

Check out our testimonials and see why people choose Pirate Mike’s spices, rices and other fine products.

We Love To
Hear From You!

Check out our testimonials and see why people choose Pirate Mike’s spices, rices and other fine products.

“I first became familiar with Monkey Dust back in 1992/1993 when visiting Ft. Meyers.  My best friend was the chief buyer at Sundial Resort.  He and his chefs preferred Monkey Dust spice for this chicken dish they cooked.  My friend brought some home & I fell in love with it.  After moving to California, I decided to look up and see if Monkey Dust was available on the market.  Thank God I found it!  I’ve already had several orders of 12 packs and have used them all up each time.  It is so flexible and adds the right flavor to everything from seafood, meats, poultry to salads, pizza, pasta and even fruit.  Thank you so much for being there for us who love your products!”

Andrew Rowe, CA

“When it came time for me to start making better and healthier food choices for me and my family, I turned to Pirate Mike’s spices because they were guaranteed to be fresh and all natural. My kids are crazy about the Bermuda Spice Seasoning. It’s true-I put it on their food and then their food disappears!”

Melissa D’Angelo, Sarasota, FL

“Five years ago, I visited Fort Myers Beach and got to taste Pirate Mike’s seasonings at a restaurant there. It was so good that I asked the chef what spices he used. He told me, “Pirate Mike’s Blackened Seasoning is the only thing I use on my fresh seafood dishes.” I came home with my first bottle and have been using it ever since.”

Tom McFarling, Ashby, Minnesota

“If you compare the spices at the grocery store with Pirate Mike’s spices, you will see, smell and taste the difference immediately. There is no substitute for freshness and excellent taste.”

Chef Armando Riccilini, Avon, Massachusetts

“I belong to a dining club and we try new things all the time. Recently a member brought us Pirate Mike’s Mango Pineapple Hot Sauce to try. It was so yummy that we were fighting over the last drop!”

Denise Bornstein, Mineola, New York

“Last time my kids went to Fort Myers Beach on vacation, they brought me back a bottle of Pirate Mike’s Spicy Bread Medley and some really nice olive oil for me to try at my next ladies luncheon. I served it with a nice loaf of crusty bread and the girls went crazy. I ended up asking Pirate Mike’s to make me a special order in a larger amount so I could serve it to a larger group. They loved it, too!”

Minnie McDougal, Tempe, Arizona

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