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The One and Only Original Monkey Dust ..

Pirate Mike starts his gourmet seasonings / spice blends with the freshest all natural ingredients known on earth. He blends sea salt, black pepper, white pepper, garlic plus a secret mixture of spices and the result is a true flavor phenomenon. These versatile spice blends will enhance the flavor of any beef, poultry, pork or seafood dish you prepare. Enjoy Monkey Dust Original Seasoning on your vegetable dishes and salads, too!

We also offer the most high-tech hot sauces you will ever taste. Pirate Mike has specially designed them to give you a Hot & Spicy sensation to the brink of to pain. Then, just before your taste buds have had enough, the heat fades away and you are left with the most amazing flavors.

A lot of hot sauces cannot boast this claim. Pirate Mike has a degree in Science to back up his recipes.

We also offer our own Rice Blend creations using our special blend of Spices, alone with Parboiled Long Grain Rice, maybe some Orzo, some Veggies, Fruit…     Check them out!  Fantastic flavors, and variety.

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